When Ross Valley hired a new superintendent

When Ross Valley hired a new superintendent

From the Marin IJ  |  06/26/14 :

A longtime Southern California educator has been named superintendent of the Ross Valley School District.


Rick Bagley, who comes from the Manhattan Beach Unified School District in the Los Angeles area, where he spent the past three years as a deputy superintendent, is replacing the retiring Superintendent Eileen Rohan.


“I think we could not have found a better match for our district than Dr. Bagley,” said school board president Anne Capron.  “I’m incredibly excited, and everybody I’ve talked to about this hire is incredibly excited.”

Bagley, 58, will be paid $205,000 in base salary. He starts Aug. 1.

Capron said more than 30 applications went out for the position.  Of those, Bagley was one of five finalists and one of three invited back for second interviews.


District leaders spoke with more than 30 people in the Manhattan Beach district from the lunch lady and locksmith to the board of trustees,” Capron said, and “100 percent of the people we spoke with, they highlighted all the things we were looking for: integrity, communication skills, managerial competence, warmth and good humor. We literally left giddy knowing we had found our guy.”

As Anne so clearly states “…from the lunch lady and locksmith to the board of trustees…”  But of course, no parents or teachers were interviewed,  Why?  Was it because they were still very much up in arms and disgusted about what Bagley had done to their district.  Do the parents and teachers in the other articles from Manhattan Beach appear to be any part of the “100% of people we talked to” that Anne says she interviewed?

The Ross Valley School District looks an awful lot like Manhattan Beach.  And given that the teachers of Manhattan Beach were the victims of the “lost”/”mis-placed”  million dollars and were stone-walled for three years trying to negotiate a raise, it seems odd that the Ross Valley teachers are so credulous in their trust and support of Bagley,; their Union brethren from Manhattan Beach;  not so much.

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