We’ve Heard – 3/04/2019

Surprise, surprise. After insisting that White Hill Middle School was filled to the brink and that enrollment was not declining, in this week’s board meeting packet, there’s a list of things to cut because – as many of us KNEW – smaller class sizes were coming.

One would think paying a superintendent over $250k a year might mean he’s capable of directing his well-staffed district office to A) count accurately or B) not lie, but we guess that’s expecting too much.

“Over the past few years, Ross Valley has seen some decline in its enrollment at the elementary level. This experience is consistent with historical trends in the District. As our elementary students have progressed through middle school, enrollment at White Hill has continued to remain high. However, our current 6th grade class is much smaller than our current 7th and 8th grades. As such, as our 6th graders move forward into 7th grade, we will need to reduce the number of 7th grade sections for next year.”

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And, likely the class behind that one too. Let’s stand back and watch Stand defend the district having to make unpredictable predictions about enrollment….except, unlike RVC, these predictions shouldn’t be anywhere near as hard and virtually all other districts plan for these changes. Except this one. It’s not that they didn’t know. It’s that they had to lie to make RVC’s presence on WHMS campus as noxious as possible, while locking up empty spaces all over the district so that teachers or specialists can’t use empty classrooms for innovative programming and they can argue through lawyers that these locked up… Read more »


As I observe this completely unnecessary conflict I’ve puzzled over why Stand supporters never raise ANY questions about behavior or motivation on the part of the district. How hard it must be for you to rationalize the perfect, unerring, actions of five district parents (all amatuers) and a superintendent who has previously shown his character in Manhattan Beach, on one side and then castigate and blame the other side for everything wrong in the Ross Valley school district. Your mind-set can only be equated to the extraordinarily obtuse and bigoted behavior of Trump supporters. Or Trump himself in his declarations… Read more »