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Recommended Ratification of Agreement with Thomson Reuters, Inc. for “CLEAR” Address Verification Services
Recommended Action
It is recommended the Board of Trustees ratify an agreement between the Ross Valley School District and Thomson Reuters, Inc., for a one-year access to the “CLEAR” address verification service at a cost not to exceed $5,500.


Thomson Reuters Corporation is a multinational mass-media and information firm based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and operating in more than 100 countries with over 45,000 employees.  The company provides a wide range of products and services, including electronic data collection, information gathering and other investigative tools, to legal firms, governmental agencies and law enforcement.

We recently became aware that Thomson Reuters is now providing their services to public school districts for the purpose of assisting with students’ address verification.  Their service, known as “CLEAR,” aggregates current and often real-time data from proprietary and public sources, to validate address information.

The verification of students’ place of residence is vital in protecting District and taxpayer resources.  California Education Code Section 48200 mandates that, absent an approved inter-district attendance permit, students attending any District school must physically reside within the boundaries of the school district.  In addition, all students attending the Ross Valley Charter (RVC) who are enrolled as “in-district, resident students,” must physically reside within the boundaries of the District.  RVSD Board Policy and Administrative Regulations 5111.1 stipulates the manner in which parents must document residency prior to enrollment, and the District reserves the right to validate such documentation in compliance with the law.  Thomson Reuters’ CLEAR service will be utilized as one of several tools to validate the information provided and verify students’ residency.

Residency is established only when a student physically resides at an address within the boundaries of the school district.  The documentation used to show where a student resides, is therefore not residency in and of itself.   Thomson Reuters’ CLEAR service will be utilized to validate that the documentation provided links correctly to the in-district address given.

The contract with Thomson Reuters will be in place throughout the 2018-19 school year and is subject to renewal in July, 2019.

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Another brick in the wall. Let’s see how much mistrust we can seed in the district. Mr. Bagley seems determined to outdo the rancor, discord and divisions he brought to Manhattan Beach.
-Wayne W.

Julie Quater
Julie Quater

This is a concerning development that brings so many questions: Who will be targeted? Who will make the decisions about who to target? Are families comfortable with having their information searched beyond simple forms? And, with falling enrollment and revenue concerns, why is RVSD trying to limit the number of students who can attend RVSD schools?