Pleased that RVC already meets the standard.

SACRAMENTO – Alongside representatives from the California Charter Schools Association, California Teachers Association, California School Employees Association, California Federation of Teachers, California School Boards Association, Association of California School Administrators and SEIU California, Governor Gavin Newsom today signed Senate Bill 126, historic legislation requiring all schools that receive taxpayer funding to follow the same standards for accountability and transparency.

“It’s common sense. Taxpayers, parents and ultimately kids deserve to know how schools are using their tax dollars,” said Governor Newsom. “This isn’t the end of a conversation but a beginning. Let’s use this momentum to move forward together, constructively and in partnership, to improve education for children across California. I thank the leaders on both sides of this issue for coming together to help get this bill across the finish line.”

The new law requires California’s 1,300-plus charter schools to follow the same laws governing open meetings, public records and conflicts of interest that apply to school districts. They include ensuring board meetings are open to the public (RVC’s been doing that since inception), providing records to the public upon request (see tonight’s post) and, to prevent personal gain, banning board members from voting on contracts in which they have a financial interest (right from the git-go).

“In essence, to me, this made common sense,” Newsom said. “It’s a transparency bill and we are for transparency. And sometimes people claim they are for transparency for everybody else, but not for themselves. In this case it’s transparency for all of us. And I thought it was a very healthy thing as well.”

I’ve long supported high-quality nonprofit charters. I’ve been an advocate, not just a supporter. –  Gov. Gavin Newsom

Indicating the behind-the-scenes work of the governor’s office and Newsom’s efforts to craft what he has called a “balanced approach” to the charter school controversy, he was joined by representatives of several major education organizations, including the California Teachers Association and the California Charter Schools Association.

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Stand and the RVSD are here to destroy charter schools and not find “a balanced approach” like rational law makers. Standistrict is trying to drain a lake with a Dixie cup. With our tax payer money!


Agreed–it’s a single minded devotion to getting rid of RVC, a school that many in this community is thrilled to have the option to attend.