It’s unfortunate, Anne.

In a recent letter to the community, Anne Capron made some provocative and false statements we want to correct here. It’s unfortunate she’s using a platform paid for by tax payers to further incite and divide the community, instead of trying to bring about harmony.

Capron: “After accounting for current 5th graders moving on at the end of this school year, and assuming all other in-district resident students remain enrolled, the Charter will need to enroll an additional 51 new students to meet this revised projection. Historically, RVC’s most significant enrollment growth (16 students) occurred about a year ago, when another local charter school unexpectedly closed and students migrated to RVC.”

The truth: The charter grew by 24 students during the 2017-18 school year, 8 of whom came from another charter. They project the same growth this year.

Capron: “And secondly, in compliance with the revised order of the Sonoma County Superior Court to provide RVC with additional classroom space for students with special needs which the Charter anticipates it may someday enroll, a modular building has been placed at White Hill Middle School.”

The truth: A full 10% of RVC students have special needs and require pull out services. Until the additional space was provided, they were being served in the hallway.

Capron: “The Court ordered this additional space to be provided, above and beyond what was allocated in accordance with Proposition 39.”

The truth: The court determined that RVSD did not provide enough space that was mandated by Proposition 39 and thus ordered the additional space be provided.

Note: The court also ordered the two parties to meet and negotiate their differences, which RVC representatives readily agreed to do. RVC has asked for many meetings to negotiate differences. RVSD refused to engage in any discussions except through lawyers, which continues to amass legal fees, animosity and divisiveness that aren’t necessary.

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