Inequities, segregation continue in local schools

The IJ editorial Nov. 2 about SchoolsRule-Marin states that the money raised helps “support local school programs across the county while also leveling the playing field when it comes to equitable funding and equal opportunity.”

If the Kentfield and San Rafael school districts receive the same per-pupil amount of money raised, how does that level the playing field? San Rafael will get more money, since they have more students, but the money is spread over a larger population. It seems deceptive.

The inequality in San Rafael schools is also due to the segregation of its schools. The fact is that residents in the Gerstle Park and Loch Lomond neighborhoods are driving their children past their neighborhood schools to go to Sun Valley and Glenwood schools with the full knowledge and complicity of the school district and the community.

The difference between the education provided by the former and latter schools is due to the differences in the resources of the parents (i.e., money, volunteer availability). The one thing that has been proven to be effective in improving educational outcomes is integration. I would like to see this also addressed in your paper.

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