How to Make a Hate Map

Neo-Nazis and anti-immigrant groups are having a banner year in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s guide to hate in America.

By Charles Bethea

Last week, Heidi Beirich gave a visitor a tour of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s office, in downtown Montgomery, Alabama. The following day, the nonprofit would unveil its annual Hate Map of America, a main feature of the spring issue of its biannual Intelligence Report, which focuses on the radical right. A wall was plastered with past covers. One read “rebels with a cause.” It was illustrated with a very un-James-Dean-ish image of neo-Confederates. She pointed to a cover from 2014. “This line I came up with,” she said. “ ‘white homicide worldwide.’ ”

Beirich, who has a Ph.D. in political science, began working at the S.P.L.C. as an intern, in 1999, and is now the director of its Intelligence Project. She became interested in hate groups in high school, in Vista, California. “The White Aryan Resistance were recruiting people out of my class,” she said. “That’s something you don’t forget.      Read the story>

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