Gepettos’ Going to be So Ashamed!

A letter sent to the union membership of MBUTA, (the Manhattan Beach Unified Teachers Assoc.) over the disagreement with MBUSD, (Manhattan Beach Unified School District) over true budget figures available for teacher raises.

Superintendent Matthews’ and Deputy Bagley’s Salaries to Go Up 3% Anually

A few months ago MBUTA (Manhattan Beach Unified Teachers Assoc.) requested a copy of the MBUSD (Manhattan Beach Unified School District) employment contracts with Superintendent Matthews and Deputy Rick Bagley.

We are angry. Both of their salaries are guaranteed to rise by 3% each year. Their negotiated agreement with the district includes the maintenance of purchasing power even though they each make in excess of $150,000 per year.

Bagely routinely talks about “total compensation”, makes arguments on the MBUSD website and via email sent to staff about the poor state of the economy in California to argue against an adjustment to the 10 year erosion of your salary, yet his own salary of $158,000 (not including a range of perks), awarded by the school board, the same school board that has denied you of the same consideration for 10 years , will increase by $4740 after this year and by $4882 after the next year. That is an increase of $9622 in “total compensation” over the course of just two years.

But a close look at Bagley’s contract reveals that all management employees are granted a yearly COLA percentage adjustment in addition to the guaranteed 3% RAISE .

Matthews’ compensation was set at $190,000 when he was hired. Today he earns an additional $5700, and will increase his earning by at least $5871 next year. That is an increase of $10,571 dollars in just two short years. Remember, this is in addition to guaranteed COLA increases.

So, while our most experienced teachers have seen declining paychecks and purchasing power over the course of a decade, our least experienced administration has been granted generous and increasing compensation packages by the same Board that offered you zero “on-the schedule” salary adjustment for the next three years. Unfortunately, for many of us with 10 years of experience, it will take 20 years, not 2 years to see increases of that magnitude; and those with more years may never get there. Where is the equity? When will you become the priority?

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