Due Diligence?

This is the web page for a company that performs due diligence for organizations recruiting executives. Too bad one wasn’t hired to background Bagley.

Due Diligence?The Baker-Eubanks process was designed to provide quality when screening for the most valued and visible leadership positions in the company or community.

We use intelligent research, analysis, and internal collaboration, to compile one of the most comprehensive Due Diligence Reports in the industry.

We begin with investigation of the candidate’s background using outlets such as:

  • On-site record retrievers with access to the nation’s 3,000+ counties and select areas abroad
  • Extensive networks of filings and databases
  • Over 28,000 archived media publications
  • Online content & social media activity filters

Then our analysts integrate, review, and cross-reference all data.

From this, we can identify gaps, inconsistencies and areas where clarity is needed. Researchers perform customized supplementary searches until findings are clear & comprehensive.

The process culminates with preparation of an Executive Due Diligence Report.

Our Reports highlight and clarify red flags and significant subtleties regarding credentials, character and past behavior, which can be critical distinguishing factors at the executive level.

The Baker-Eubanks due diligence process provides:

  • Extensive access to reliable sources
  • On-site record retrievers
  • Hands-on data integration and analysis
  • Focused follow-up research
  • Timely, clear and comprehensive documentation

All steps in the Baker-Eubanks process comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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My question is why a firm like this wasn’t used to screen prospective candidates? When Anne Capron told the Marin IJ about all the people in Manhattan Beach she talked to how come no one even mentioned that Bagley engineered the attack on teacher raises by hiding money? I don’t understand why Ross Valley doesn’t think this is a Big Deal.

And how come the RVSD teachers are so supportive of a guy who reamed their brothers and sisters in Manhattan Beach? Call me puzzled.

Puzzled 2
Puzzled 2

One thing that’s always seemed particularly striking is that Bagley claims he had no knowledge of brewing conflict or that charter initiative was already happening – a “fact” Stand and RVSD bandy about. Either he is lying or Capron et al did an egregiously incompetent job briefing him on important issues or that they purposely misled him. What seems crystal clear is that hiring someone with history and skills at peace-making and problem-solving for a problem that has purportedly been vexing was NOT a priority. So, let’s see, that leaves us with incompetence, lying or ?? as an explanation.


Are you suggesting that he was selected “because” of what he did in Manhattan Beach? I mean, after everything I’ve read, hiring Bagley only makes if you wanted him to trash the community, not help to heal it.


I’m not the previous poster, but I will say this: the board knew full well that MAP was preparing a charter petition when it went through the hiring process for a superintendent. MAP folks were very open with the district about its intentions and asked several times if the district would like to have a conversation, form a committee, have input, etc. The hope was that the district would find another way to keep the program and avoid MAP becoming a charter school. Or make it a district-sponsored charter school, which could have brought funding into the district but given… Read more »