Charter Schools: The Good and the Bad

To the Editor New York Times  | June 10, 2018 :

Re:   “Charter Schools Have a Betsy DeVos Problem,” by Conor P. Williams (Sunday Review, June 3):

As a Paul Wellstone-Hubert Humphrey liberal and as a student of the master community organizer Saul Alinsky, I helped write the charter public school law in Minnesota after learning the value of helping create left-right coalitions to win approval for important ideas.

Many of us who advocate district and charter public school choice disagree with most of what Secretary DeVos promotes, including vouchers.

Outstanding charters help many youngsters succeed. In some places, districts have improved their own programs in response to chartering. District and chartered public schools have also learned from each other’s best ideas in Minnesota, and elsewhere. Students gained from these collaborations.

Isn’t one of the longtime lessons of America that broad coalitions can help produce progress, though coalition members disagree on many things?  Source:

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“Most [charter teachers] come to this work to provide underserved children with a better shot at educational success, but now they’re increasingly branded as corporate stooges selling out public education by critics who challenge charter schools’ right to exist. These teachers shouldn’t have to answer for Ms. DeVos’s incompetence or wonder if there’s room for them in the future of progressive education politics.” STAND’s tactics are part of this national blanket reactivity. There’s nothing corporate in the least about the leader teachers who have been innovating and going above and beyond for Ross Valley kids. To treat them with the… Read more »