Be the medicine, or watch the virus grow

Sadly, a child dies after a fight, a child gets attacked and dies from two elementary classmates kicking her head, a father and mother murder their child. All national news stories last week.

Picture a 10-year-old hearing and seeing this. Bullying, trash talk are amplified on the web and at school. Trust? Connection? Belonging? Inclusion?

Folks, I’ve been out here 48 years. We need step-uppers, community unifiers, road respectors — not rage reflectors. Soon the score of shootings, hostility and fights could outnumber reason.

Look inside, don’t accuse, blame and assign the politics and religious differences as the answer. You’re the answer, become the serenity and kindness. Volunteer time to be the medicine, or watch the virus grow.

Words can be triggers; indifference is hate, anger or grief can explode as tears, then bullets. Breathe, don’t seethe; amenity of serenity; forgive to live, live to forgive; consciousness or unconscious mess; choose peace or lose peace.

— Michael Pritchard, San Rafael

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