Arne Duncan: ‘Everyone says they value education, but their actions don’t follow’

The former secretary of education talks about the “lies” he thinks under-gird the U.S.’s school system, and the unintended consequences that can come with attempts to reform it.

Some quotes from the Atlantic interview:

” So much … is about adult dysfunction and has nothing to do with what kids want and need.  Work in education is nothing if it isn’t humbling, so whenever you have people who say they have it all figured out, I think they probably don’t.  If people are shutting down a conversation based on a word or a phrase, how is that in the students’ best interest?  When I see adult ego get in the way, it troubles me.  It misses the point of why we do this work. ”

”  It’s the parents who aren’t present whose kids you have to worry about even more because those parents just have too much going on in their own lives to be engaged in their children’s education.  Those kids are the ones I actually worry about the most. ”

”  Parents are the biggest allies and, I would argue, the most important allies.  If you’re educating not just children, but also parents and siblings and other family members then great things are going to happen for kids. ”

“…if you look at every level—access to early-childhood education, math and reading scores, college-graduation rates—relative to the world, [Americans] are Top 10 in nothing, and that’s not good enough. “

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Bagley has made his disdain for parents as partners – except when they’re members of STAND. He’s equated advocates of MAP to know nothing anti-vaxxers…and is the oldest style top down, Big Daddy knows best administrator. Marin IJ Dick Spotswood picked up on that when referring to him as Rick “My Way or the Highway” Bagley. He doesn’t believe teachers can or should be educational leaders unless their fealty to him has been established. He pretends that there’s a single gold standard for educational pedagogy and approach (as if RVSD has spent any time in recent years doing much besides… Read more »