A Better Way to Run Schools

A Better Way to Run SchoolsThe New Orleans turnaround shows the power of giving more freedom to teachers and principals — and then holding them accountable for their performance.

NEW ORLEANS   Twelve years later, Nigel Palmer still remembers the embarrassment of his first days as a fourth grader in Monroe, La. He was a Hurricane Katrina evacuee from New Orleans, living with his family in a La Quinta Inn, 250 miles from home. As soon as the school year began, he could tell that the kids in his new school seemed different from him.  Read the article >

Things are, of course, much more complicated and nuanced than sound bites that fit on campaign signs.


“In most districts, a single entity — a board of education — is responsible for both running schools and evaluating them. That combination is not a recipe for rigorous evaluation and consequences. It’s akin to letting students grade themselves.”

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